BackroomCastingCouch – ep.151 – Gina and Journey

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Released: February 21, 2011
Runtime: 42:36
After your countless pleas and requests I decided to let bodybuilder MILF Gina in on my scam and invite her back. Tuns out she loves the idea of pretending to be a modeling recruiter and banging chicks for free. As you remember, Gina swings both ways.22 year old freshly divorced Journey is looking to break into the jizz bizz and unfortunately for her, I’m the first guy she gets to talk to about that. I love the girls’ reactions when I do my ambush interviews so without disclosing my plans I had Journey come in for an interview and then make her show the “producers” that she’s willing to go the extra mile – by letting the most sexually aggressive woman we know, Gina, ravage her on camera, and suck and fuck me at the same time. Our MILF can’t keep her hands off the young girl and there’s some of the most enthusiastic pussy munching and fingering I’ve ever seen. All stars aligned for this one and upon Gina’s pushing, Journey even lets me fuck her in the ass. Gina’s insane energy keeps both Journey and me on our toes at all times, and no leaf remains unturned. Ultimately we both fall prey to Gina’s ultra strong sexual appetite and I have to say, I do not regret letting her in on my game one bit. She’s got a taste of the Backroom Method and I think she’s hooked. As Gina requested, I cum in Journey’s pussy and Gina sucks every last drop of jizz out of our stunned interviewee. Extreme? You bet. It was actually easier to get Journey to do all this stuff with Gina there. You’ll see. Journey on the other hand still has no clue what’s going on and is expecting a call back from me any day now. Ladies and gentlemen – I’m so fucking back!…
Gina Gina
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