BackroomCastingCouch – ep.217 – Sierra

Video Info: Released: December 17, 2012 Runtime: 40:38

Sierra really wants to quit that job at the mall. She shows up early for her interview, I barely have time to set things up. Took me nothing to convince her to try out for pr0ns when I talked to her through that dating site I’ve been getting my bread from lately. Her idea of background check is asking me how long I’ve been in the biz. Long enough, sandal slinger. She does absolutely everything to make easy porn money: masturbates and talks like she thinks a pornstar should, and after getting ravaged bent over the desk, she lets me shove it in her ass even though it’s clearly the most painful thing she’s ever done (lulz at the facial expressions while she’ tries not to scream). When I make her lick off her own juices from my cock to show she can go the extra mile, she does so, then scoffs “it tastes salty..”. Guess why, Sierra, wasn’t really YOUR cum… Yep, I inseminate her twice. Not that she’d protest. Anything for those $5000 per day jobs, huh? LOL!

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