BackroomCastingCouch – ep.224 – Sunny

Video Info: Released: February 2, 2013 Runtime: 37:01

Where did we leave off? Oh yeah – talking hot girls I meet on dating sites into auditioning for porn jobs that don’t actually exist. Let’s continue then, shall we? Meet Sunny. Cute blonde Starfucks barista, great little body, comes to the casting because making your daily venti lattes don’t pay Sunny’s bills. While I’m recovering from surgery I have my buddy step in for the physically intensive parts. Won’t be a regular thing, I hate not getting me some of that tasty teen meat myself. Girl def. loves the cock, she really gets into it. Painal (wee bit o’ tears…), massive ambush creampie, and offers of getting Sunny the Morning-After pill round out her first and most likely last casting session. Too bad ’cause watching her cum and taking it in the ass was just about the hottest thing I’ve seen in months.

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