BackroomCastingCouch – ep.226 – Tia

Video Info: Released: February 4, 2013 Runtime: 36:35

Backroom Casting Couch = Education. Same thing. So today we’ll explore Native American culture, learn a little Navajo, and find out why a real Navajo can never disclose her tribal name to us outsiders. We learn that young Natives fuck A LOT but apparently the girl’s pleasure isn’t of tantamount importance. Our teacher: 19 year old nursing student Tia, likely the most out-of-place casting candidate on Backroom, ever. Don’t feel too bad when this quiet, adorable Native American angel walks through the door, with her backpack and school gear and “what am I doing here?”- look on her face. Yes: I promise her jobs that don’t exist, make her blow me, and talk her into her first anal and make her swallow jizz for the first time. But before that I go down on her unshaved pussy and make her cum, which is also a first for her. Just look at her surprised face when she’s getting off. Priceless. Now she can tell her boyfriend how to do it right. Tia is a new woman now. Really, she should be paying me. PS: new office in the works.

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