BackroomCastingCouch – ep.251 – Vivian

Video Info: Released: July 15, 2013 Runtime: 31:51

Vivian is a hot little nerd, so polite and sweet, it feels like she’s interviewing for an admin assistant job. Agreeable, submissive, and enthusiastic spinner. Does everything I want her to, and really gets into it. Vivian even braves through anal, all in hopes of putting herself through school with modeling jobs that don’t actually exist. She’s so tiny and incredibly skinny that next to her I look like a giant with a huge cock. Hooray for anorexia. I give her 9 out of 10, plus 1 for keeping her glasses on the entire time, even when I jizz on her face. But don’t feel bad for her, Windex is on sale at Walgreens this week

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