Czech Casting – Katka 1358 – (30yo)

Czech Casting – Katka 1358 – (30yo)


This casting was rather interesting. A sexy cougar with a hair bun crowning the top of her head knocked on our door. A refreshingly unusual hairdo livened up the parade of straight haired chicks who visited our sofa. Katka (her name is allegedly impossible to pronounce in Czech) is a married woman with considerable experience with photo shooting. No wonder, considering the plain fact that she’s beautiful. Her sexy body surprised me a great deal, and I couldn’t get my eyes off when she was posing in front of the camera. The interview brought another surprise. Just imagine, that this venerable lady loves anal sex!!! Bingo! I hope the cameraman will talk her into shagging her in front of the camera. Keep your fingers crossed, guys! Katka is worth committing a sin!

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