Czech Casting – Katka 1553 – (19yo)

Czech Casting – Katka 1553 – (19yo)


You cannot miss this girl. She’s the type that will immediately magnetically catch your attention when you see her in a bar or a disco club. A long-legged blondie wit puppy eyes, she’s exactly the type of a women who will llow you home before dawn. 19-years-old Katka told us thing that made our heads spin. Just imagine that she stopped enjoying sex with her partner she’s been with for over 4 years. What does she do when they fuck? Does she pretend she’s aroused and fakes orgasms? She confessed that she cheated on him twice and he still suspects nothing! What happened more than a regular act of infidelity. She got fucked for money after she trusted herself to a photographer that he would put her cock just to the edge of her pussy! IS it even possible? What is she going to show us? The third time’s the charm? Watch this video!

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