Czech Casting – Lenka 1304 – (23yo)

Czech Casting – Lenka 1304 – (23yo)


Lenka’s impenetrable jungle of jet-black hair and curling eyelashes hide her sparkling eyes. An extraordinary secretary from East and true rebel plays by her own set of rules. Getting naked in front of the cameraman was quite a big deal, she gave us hard time already during the photo session. A chick who claims to have strict moral but she longs to be shagged at her work desk as the same time. By whom? By her boss? This girls is intensely interesting. Our cameraman knocked her off balance, and she decided to cover her defenseless nudity by roughness. But her eyes gave an unmistakable signal that she would shag him within a second – if it only weren’t for the running camera. Don’t miss this exceptional casting, you’re going to laugh your arse off!

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