Czech Casting – Lucie 1484 – (22yo)


All the tit lovers, watch out!!!! This hot blonde is not for you, because she needs no bra for her life. But that doesnโ€™t reduces her attractiveness a bit. Sheโ€™s amazing! She could win โ€œAmerican super modelโ€ without even trying. Tall, hot, with perfect body and picturesque face. Just a genuine beauty. No wonder itโ€™s her dream to see the world from the covers of prestigious fashion magazines. She even told us some spicy facts about herself. For example, she is bisexual experience in licking. Cool girl! She wants to be a famous model and she strictly refused to film anything more than soft acts. But then she spread her legs without any hesitation. All that our cameraman had to do was to run his finger over her โ€œlove buttonโ€ and everything was possible. Sit down and learn how the super models fuck. You wonโ€™t believe your eyes.

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