Czech Casting – Martina 1352 – (27yo)

Czech Casting – Martina 1352 – (27yo)


I would like to see your face after watching this one, guys. I’m sure you have never seen anything like this and you, most probably, never will. I am more than sure of that. Our white couch seated a true and original sheepherder! Dreadlocked Martina is one pretty girl, tall, slim and unbelievably likable. However the feeling she didn’t belong her crept into my mind the very moment she entered our villa. A spiritual being interested in meditation, yoga, past lives and who considers sex a deep spiritual experience – that’s not really exactly the type for the world of modeling and sex for money. Strange, strange indeed. But guys, the most shocking thing is only about to come. She doesn’t shave at all!!! The beaver living in her panties is a wild and huge beast, you won’t believe your eyes. Have fun, guys.

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