Czech Casting – Olga 2347 – (28yo)


What do we have here? Now this is what we call a proper catch! She’s a celebrity, is she? Let’s check her out, then… Blond-haired Olga is a famous dancer that even had a few shows broadcasted on TV. She was born in Kazakhstan (Borat’s homeland! All those Russian rockets launch from that country!) but has lived and worked in Prague for most of her life. Olga performs only at the best of Prague’s clubs and exclusive parties… And it’s easy to see why, because her body is an A-class symphony of elegant curves and firm lines. She’s so unattainably classy that she lives in celibacy. No mortal man can satisfy her high expectations and wild needs. Well, that’s a challenge! Our well-prepared and experienced cameraman immediately decided to show everyone that he has the guts and balls needed to break Olga’s skepticism about all of men’s abilities. How did that work out? See for yourselves!

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