Czech Casting – Vendula 1411 – (40yo)

Czech Casting – Vendula 1411 – (40yo)


Check out this video, guys! The latest casting is really bad-ass! Do you like mature women? Do you fancy housewives? Are huge tits your weak spot? Three yeses mean that we’re on the same boat and the wind is blowing in the right direction. Our destination is a wet cunt! Vendula, the 40-year-old protagonist of our latest casting, is simply irresistible. The owner of a shapely body, exquisite tits and a lovely face is a mother of four!!! A sexy wife! She admitted that she has always wanted to eat a pussy – and this is why she longs to shoot a lesbian video. Her attitude changed when she met our cameraman and photographer in one person – she started to have a thing about him as soon as she set an eye on him! It is incredible how she digs him! This housewife loves her husband and would allegedly never fuck a guy she does not know – especially not on camera! You cannot miss this video!

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