Czech Casting – Zuzana 1564 – (22yo)

Czech Casting – Zuzana 1564 – (22yo)


It’s crystal clear that the protagonist of this casting is from east. Her dad is from here, but it was her mother’s genes that prevailed. Zuzana is a lively and energetic chick. Her eyes are not from this planet. It is her very first casting. She’s never been posing before and she admitted she was really embarrassed. All her life revolves around her career as an architect and her future work. She confessed that her dream was to eat out a pretty chick. But how about our handsome cameraman, Zuzana? Let’s see what she has to say about sex with this guy on camera. One thing is very clear – she’s a stunner. Enjoy her exotic curves. Enjoy Zuzana!

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