FTVGirls – Mira and Olivia – photos & HD video

Mira’s Statistics
Age: 20 | Height: 5’1/4″ | Figure: 32B-25-33
Olivia’s Statistics
Age: 20 | Height: 6’3″ | Figure: 38B-27-38

Real life best friends, Mira and Olivia are both 20 years old and just recently opening up to their sexuality… and the adult world. What is striking is their height, as Mira is just five feet tall, and Olivia is the tallest girl to ever appear on FTV. Both supercute and sexy in their own way, this is the first time they’ve ever been intimate with each other… and in Olivia’s case the first time she’s ever gone full lesbian with another! We first see them in cute seethrough short dresses holding hands and walking at a lakeside park, making out and being intimate… enjoying the morning while we check them out voyeur style. Then they visit a resort, where they get completely naked and kiss each others’ bodies… Back home, Mira seduces Olivia, by kissing her entire figure, then going down on her, and after some guidance, she’s able to make Olivia orgasm with her mouth!! We get nice closeups of her tongue on the clit. Then its Olivia’s turn, never gone down on a girl before, so with Mira’s help, she learns how to do it, and you can see Mira is loving every second! Then some foot fetish play as Olivia kisses Mira’s pretty little feet, then nipple piercing play as she sucks and licks her nipples. Oral sex continues, with Mira eventually using the Magic Wand to help… and has her own nice orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. After a little pee session with Mira, they dress up in sexy wear, parade around a resort half naked… then Mira does a little dance for Olivia. They end up on the couch, and fuck each other with a double ended dildo. The fucking and grinding turns to scissoring, and Olivia actually ends up orgasming from it! Then Mira rides Olivia’s face, and has her own orgasm! Also a lot of footage behind the scenes, so you can see their initmacy and friendship. Enjoy this girl-girl shoot, we only shoot real life friends and lovers for girl-girl on FTV!

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