PublicAgent – E204 – Poor Student Sucks And Fucks For Fast Cash

Tut tut…Naughty Sabina is caught dropping litter in a public place. But it’s only me who see’s her do it, so I pretend to be the park warden and I issue her a fine that she cannot afford to pay. She explains that she is a poor student and has no money to pay a fine for dropping litter in a public place. She is desperate for me not to call the police and she asks if there is any other solution to her problem. I think for 2 seconds and I make her an offer that at first she rejects immediately. But after a bit of thinking, she knew it was her only choice. She agreed to take a walk into the bushes with me where she would suck and fuck on my big cock before I cum in her face.
Release Date:
July 11, 2014

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