PublicAgent – E208 – Don’t Stop, GoGo Dancer!

Today is another hot hot hot day in Prague and I am feeling very horny and my balls are very full. I spot a women by herself waiting for a tram. I casually approach her and tell her some bullshit story that I was a music producer and I was looking for models to appear in a new pop video that we were shooting in the Dominican Republic. At first she told me her name was Veronika, but as she began to relax she told me that her real name was actually Melory….I think I preferred Veronika! She also told me that she used to be a GoGo dancer in nightclub in Prague. I told her that she would be perfect for our video, but I really needed to make sure that her figure would look good in a bikini. I took her to a quite outdoor location and she showed me her tits and ass. This gave my cock the need to fuck her. I soon had her on her knee’s sucking and fucking her way to a fake video shoot in the Dominican Republic.
Release Date:
July 25, 2014

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