Zishy – Hazel Moore – Bad Babysitter – photos & video

Back in the day, it was common for fathers to joke about sleeping with the babysitter. I certainly would not recommend that sort of thing. It would probably wreck your life in many ways. That being said, Hazel Moore would be too much temptation in the role of nanny. Do not hire her. But this is what Zishy is for. It should be ok to have outrageous fantasies, and if it isn’t, then I’m totally fucked. Video coming tomorrow.

+ bonus video Hazel Moore Brings It
No, my n words, I did not watch the latest series on Netflix or Hulu or whatever. I don’t care how Spiderboy was made or if the new Batman is transgender or if MGK is on the spectrum. Why would I waste my time on nonsense that doesn’t change my life? I watch Zishy. That’s it. I focus on popping boners, stacking Sats, and cementing my legacy at the gym. Do what you dig. I dig Hazel Moore.

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