Zishy – Melody Marks – In Captains Quarters

I wanna say, Listen up! Fuck anyone whose name is Zach (this is Meadow Brink BTW). Did you know that a hundred thousand years ago they had these routines where they would shower for two hours at a time, because they were super thorough. They weren’t stingy with their soaps. They didn’t use those goddamn 3-in-1 shower gel bullshits. They went outside and gathered aromatic herbs from nature to smell wonderful. Ironically, they also found body odor appealing. You might think that the dirty asshole standing in front of you at the checkout line is disgusting, but he is just a different kind of flower. Embrace the full spectrum of stink. Soak a pillow with ball sweat and give it your best friend. If they love you, they’ll cherish it. Good Luck. -MB

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