Zishy – Shyla Volbeck – Smooth Talking Works

You can get just about everything you’d ever want from another person, but you need to know how to ask for it. I’ll be honest with you. Shyla didn’t come into our shoots prepared to pose nude for the camera. She claims to be shy and reserved in her normal life. So what gives? Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe it helped that my enthusiasm validated her beauty. Maybe I treated her respectfully. Maybe she had an urge to do something wild and dangerous. From my experience, it is easier and more effective to exercise kindness and patience in human interactions. The only exception to this rule is if you are dealing with someone who does not share your opinion on masks and vaccines. In that case, they are garbage and they should be discarded as such.

full_001_1031356776093149.jpg full_002_1031136787093151.jpg full_003_1030506816093158.jpg full_004_1028246821093204.jpg full_005_1027596833093208.jpg full_006_1027246841093210.jpg full_007_1027046851093214.jpg full_008_1026216863093214.jpg full_009_0936316883093215.jpg full_010_1025316891093218.jpg full_011_1025136895093220.jpg full_012_1025036900093220.jpg full_013_1024546906093223.jpg full_014_1024376909093224.jpg full_015_1040556912093224.jpg full_016_1039466917093226.jpg full_017_1039146928093228.jpg full_018_1039216930093228.jpg full_019_1038116948093232.jpg full_020_1037186956093234.jpg full_021_1036056960093236.jpg full_022_1035556978093240.jpg full_023_1034436988093243.jpg full_024_1033587014093253.jpg full_025_1047427004093249.jpg full_026_0954507041093304.jpg full_027_1048117066093307.jpg full_028_1050377088093314.jpg full_029_1047057098093316.jpg full_030_1044217100093317.jpg full_031_1044257109093319.jpg full_032_1044457115093320.jpg full_033_1044477131093323.jpg full_034_1044507152093332.jpg


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