Zishy – Vlada Romashina – Mushroom Hunting

Here is a set of additional photos that go with yesterday’s gallery. Since I took these pics, Vlada has gone on to marry and have a kid, possibly two. I know that many of you would prefer that every Zishy model look like some bubbly TikTok star with an equally bubbly body. Well, this is not always possible. And how many of these e-thots that we all swoon over are even of legal age? With a woman like Vlada, you can appreciate someone who never had any modeling experience and probably never will in the future. Also, I can not recall once Vlada bemoaning the elements. That’s aces in my book. Stay human.

full_000_img_5282.jpg full_000_img_5344.jpg full_001_1230297284130010.jpg full_002_1230307307125920.jpg full_003_1230307293125832.jpg full_004_1230287276125730.jpg full_005_1230307316125626.jpg full_006_1230317317125522.jpg full_007_1230337331133802.jpg full_008_1230347336123728.jpg full_009_1230357344132920.jpg full_010_1230357351131752.jpg full_011_1230377356131608.jpg full_012_1230397361131238.jpg full_013_1230417373131834.jpg full_014_1230487441130506.jpg full_015_1230457407130508.jpg full_016_1230437395130510.jpg full_017_1230507450132842.jpg full_018_1230517455133042.jpg full_019_1230547467133012.jpg full_020_1230557491132656.jpg full_021_1230567503132634.jpg full_022_1230597514132236.jpg full_023_1231047534133450.jpg full_024_1231027520133534.jpg full_025_1230587507133634.jpg


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