BackroomCastingCouch – ep.228 – Rosie

Video Info: Released: February 18, 2013 Runtime: 37:17

You know it’s gonna be a good time when the girl walks in wearing Halloween-slut type fishnet stockings. Her choice of outfit for this interview tells me everything I need to know about Rosie – she’ll go with whatever I throw at her, as long as I keep a straight face and keep the promise of money and attention dangling in front of her. Surprise bonus: Rosie is a nanny. As such it is her job to anticipate and fulfill every whim of whoever is paying her. While I don’t intend on paying her anything, I am a spoiled brat at heart and as such I know I’ll get whatever I want from her if I play my cards right. It worked. With as ass like the Venus of Willendorf I can now see why she didn’t want to send me nude pics through the dating site before meeting me. 18 year olds are self-conscious about that stuff. She needn’t have worried, I dig a little cushion sometimes. Banging that ample ass is heaven (she doesn’t mind either.). Cumming inside Rosie’s pussy without telling her first is better. Going on a date afterwards and getting all-night action for the price of a steak dinner is best. I love being a sponsor.

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