BackroomCastingCouch – ep.237 – Molly

Video Info: Released: April 15, 2013 Runtime: 37:44

Ambush inseminations are my thing lately. Especially in a married chick who lies about that ring on her finger (fashion accessory…my ass!) and still bangs dudes she meets off sugar daddy sites. When I fuck her on the desk, I cum inside her, pull out, put my cock back in while still cumming, distract her from what’s happening by asking her a question, fuck her some more, then make her lick off what I claim to be her own juices. That’s for lying, waitress. How’s it feel? How’s it TASTE? I wish Molly had realized a few years earlier that porn may be a better way to make money for a hot opportunistic blonde than serving drinks in Las Vegas. But getting an “older” girl desperate for a last chance at attention and porn money has its perks: Molly proves she can “go the extra mile” by giving me fantastic BJs, taking it in the ass after some cajoling, and sucking up to me (literally) again on our date after her demo tape (haha) is wrapped.

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