BackroomCastingCouch – ep.236 – Lilyanna

Video Info: Released: April 8, 2013 Runtime: 32:36

Oh you can just stick it in sugar-baby-in-training Lilyanna says as I’m stretching out her ass with my fingers before I fuck it. Fine. When she showed up at the office a few mins. earlier, with hooker makeup, pierced tits and pussy, back alley tats, and the worst choice of clothing for a modeling interview I’ve ever seen, I relax because this chick clearly has zero self respect and is going to do whatever I want as long as I make it sound like there’s some $$$ in it for her somewhere. She discusses her sugar daddy “arrangement” and it sounds like she’s getting fucked in more ways than one there and doesn’t even know it. Yep, this is gonna be easy. And sure enough: after a great BJ, sex on the couch, and fairly intense anal, I cum on her face and tell her this audition isn’t paid but maybe there’s a job for her in the future. She accepts this crap deal, just like she does with apparently everything else in her life. If she wasn’t an opportunistic piranha who expects an easy life to be handed to her on a silver platter, I’d probably feel sorry for her.

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