BackroomCastingCouch – ep.244 – Sugar Baby Fiveway

Video Info: Released: May 27, 2013 Runtime: 50:38

Come one come all, to the freak show that is my first fiveway orgy. 3 sugar babies + my buddy + me = most epic Backroom casting yet. Jori talked her girlfriends into doing a demo tape because nothing attracts Scottsdale sugar daddies more than the most rock bottom slut who has starred in porn movies. The crazier the demo tape the better their chances at getting paid gigs. Dude, they’re lazy sugar babies, throw some dollar figures around and they believe anything. Hell, you’ll see how they lie to each other. To speed up the path to sugar daddy riches and guarantee my endorsement, they ALL had to come in at the same time and fuck each other, and me. And my buddy. Okay, I didn’t tell them about him. We’ve got strapons, lesbian sex, double blowjobs, side by side banging, The Eiffel Tower (it’s stupid but the skinny blonde suggested it), an overly enthusiastic BBW who slurps up the cum I just shot in to her girlfriend’s pussy, and… ah fuck descriptions, you really have to watch this yourself.

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