BackroomCastingCouch – ep.246 – Jori

Video Info: Released: June 10, 2013 Runtime: 29:22

Skinny young sugar baby Jori is cute as hell, quiet, gives me one of the best blowjobs of all time, and has the mental aptitude of a PEZ dispenser. In one word, she is perfect. Thank you, Sugar babies love money, the promise of money, the sound of money, and the money-ness of money. Young ones like Jori also tend to be lazy, looking for the fastest, easiest way possible to afford those Juicy Couture bags. So I didn’t have to say much to get Jori on her knees for her ‘demo tape’. She’s shockingly good at sucking dick. For those $1-5K per day I promise she lets me do just about anything I want, including anal. She’s so tiny and tight that even my cock basically breaks her ass in half. I’ll just have her suck me off to completion, good enough for now. Because I’m not done with her, I want her back and maybe have her bring some of her sugar baby girlfriends along

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