BackroomCastingCouch – ep.249 – Pregnant Kimber

Video Info: Released: July 1, 2013 Runtime: 28:56

Kimber is a pregnant 31 year old unlicensed “massage therapist” who dropped out of school in 6th grade, and has been providing hand jobs relaxation services for a living to make her trailer payments and pay for her psych meds. As you watch this you’ll agree with me that she needs to have a talk with her doctor about changing her prescriptions. I knew this audition would be more hilarious and awkward than anything, one of those castings I wouldn’t normally bother to even put up – but I really wanted you to meet this train wreck, and realize that however bad your think your life is, it could’ve been worse. You could be Kimber. Or one of her customers. Or her kid. You’re welcome

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