BackroomCastingCouch – ep.264 – Gigi

Video Info: Released: October 14, 2013 Runtime: 38:55

What’s better than getting a hot girl with a flawless spinner body to cheat on her boyfriend? By doing it in his apartment. And breaking his bed while fucking her on it. GiGi is cute, clean, (seemingly) innocent, has flawless curves, and a completely broken moral compass. It’s a combo I just can’t resist. I devour this chick, have her fuck her ass and pussy with her hairbrush, we do a delicious 69, bang like rabbits in his bedroom – anything I want. Extra fun bonus: I talk GiGi into her first anal – yes, painal – and cum inside her ass. In his bathroom. Hilarious situation, let’s just say she’ll walk funny for a few days. Hey, that’s what happens when I get bored on vacation. Luckily for me, Cali has slews of eager trollops like GiGi jumping on a carefully worded “easy money” ad, commited relationship or not.

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