BackroomCastingCouch – ep.263 – Vedrana

Video Info: Released: October 7, 2013 Runtime: 33:04

Meet a busty Russian chick who looks like a pornstar, hint at making her rich if she just auditions for modeling jobs with you, and you’ll get the bang of your life, right? Turns out Vedrana had only 2 men in her life and is just about the most inexperienced, overwhelmed, and naive chick I’ve ever had on the couch. I probably should’ve ended this when Vedrana confesses she’s not confident in her sexual skills, doesn’t like to or know how to give head, and has never done anal. Her facial expressions of confusion and hesitation when I make her do all those things for the first time are only trumped by those of pure terror when I tell her I just came inside her. To prevent a full on meltdown I tell her we’d pick up some Plan B, which I have to explain to her what it even means. Total fail in every way and yet the most fun I’ve had in a while.

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