BackroomCastingCouch – ep.271 – Bryce

Video Info: Released: November 30, 2013 Runtime: 25:21

I’m down with butt sex, I like butt sex!, blonde, blue eyed workout addict Emjay admits when I’m getting ready to do anal with her. I mean, look at that ass – bubbly, tight, perky. Perfect. Gotta fuck that. So I do. And she loves it! Before that Emjay gives me one of the best BJs – slow deep throat and everything – ever, and her pussy is so tight I cum inside her early (psssst!). Emjay is awesome and happy to do anything I want the entire time. (She was flirty and eager to show her sex skills during the interview so I knew this would be a cakewalk. No hard sell necessary with this one.) So why didn’t I shoot my second load in her perfect ass, even though she OFFERED (!!) to let me cum in her ass? Because last time I did that a lot of you guys kept complaining how you don’t like anal creampies. So I give Emjay a regular creampie instead. See, you guys have a lot of power over my exploits. Use it wisely. As for Emjay, she’d be a great pornstar if she ever meets a real producer one day. 10 out of 10, one of my personal faves this year.

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